94 social housing units ZAC Masséna, Paris

Contrasting architectural scripts and united by a common base, buildings M9B3 and M9B4 respond to each other to question the issues specific to this project: construction to cover railway tracks, low energy consumption, sustainability in a polluted urban environment.

A restricted range of materials, colors and textures envelops them: metal / glass, dark / bright, matt and porous / smooth and shiny. Expanded metal, satin aluminum, clear or enamelled glass combine to compose a sober and timeless architecture, both spectacular in its scale and modest in its formal simplicity.

94 social housing units, retail

Paris Habitat / SEMAPA aménageur

ZAC Masséna, Paris 13 France

Design team
TERRENEUVE associate architects; TOA architectes representative; MDETC / VPEAS, économics; EVP Ingénierie, structural engineers; CFERM Ingénierie, MEP engineers; Ayda / Vivié & associés acoustics; Éléments Ingénierie, environment engineering

Surfaces and construction cost
9 152 m² SHON / 6 250 m² SHab / 12,275 M€ HT

Competition 2008, delivery 2020

Design and supervision