Middle school of Ouangani, Mayotte

The construction of the middle school of Ouangani is part of a large construction program by the Vice-Rectorship of Mayotte. Every year, the government of Mayotte faces the challenge of providing education to thousands of additional students. A target delivery of the 2015 back-to-school season means the school can meet urgent needs, as well as provide additional places so the student population from surrounding middle schools is better distributed.

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Prix d'Architecture Régional Réunion Océan Indien 2018
Prix AFPS d'Architecture Sismique 2019

construction of a new middle school 1 028 students

Vice-Rectorat de Mayotte / DEAL de Mayotte

Ouangani, Mayotte

Design team
TERRENEUVE architects, representative
JVO3, associate architects;  AXIO économics; CETIS, structural engineers; Choulet MEP engineers, SSI and Environment; Altia, acoustics

Surfaces and construction cost
10 000 m² SHON / 41 400 m2 exteriors / 25 M€ HT

Phase1 delivered 2017 / T2 delivered 2018

Design and supervision + EXE -partial- + SSI
Label Mayernergie, RT Dom (housing)