Don Quichotte multimedia library, La Plaine-Saint-Denis

The Don Quichotte multimedia library, the first public cultural facility for the Plaine Saint-Denis area, flaunts a metallic shell, emblematic of the still recent history of the metallurgy industry of this site, which is undergoing complete transformation.

The library develops around a reading room that spans the building, crossing the old railway line of the La Plaine industrial site. The two key archetypes – saw-tooth roofs and metallic facades – provide the inspiration for a light-filled structure, with close ties to the town and the area that is currently undergoing transformation.

construction of a multimedia library and community centre for La Plaine-Saint-Denis

Plaine Commune / Town of Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis La Plaine France

Design team
TERRENEUVE architects, representative
DJ AMO, économics; Cap Ingelec, MEP engineers; Satoba, structural engineers; Peutz, acoustics

Surfaces and construction cost
1 275 m² SHON / 2,10 M€ HT

Delivery 2007

Desing and supervision + EXE -partial-

Photos ©Daniel Rousselot