CNP staff restaurant, Paris

For the conversion of this former department store located within the Montparnasse train station complex in Paris to the CNP staff restaurant, the interior design scheme aims for fluidity in the circulation areas, efficient identification of the restaurant’s sections and a bright, fresh and light atmosphere overall.

Variations in lighting, materials, flooring and ceiling heights facilitate the identification of the different elements without isolating them. Given the two major constraints – low floor-to-ceiling height and the lack of natural lighting – particular effort was made on the lighting and the volumetric conception of the suspended ceilings and execution of these aspects was extremely detailed. The specific furnishings and the various shelving for the technical equipment were also custom designed and manufactured.

Interior design of the staff restaurant at CNP Assurances

CNP Assurances

Paris Montparnasse France

Design team
TERRENEUVE architects

Surfaces and construction cost
1 800 m² / 1,6 M€ HT fitout and furniture

delivery 2004

Design and supervision + furniture design and selection

Photos ©Daniel Rousselot