Université Régionale des Métiers, Marseille

Within the Euroméditerranée project, The URM project is anchored in the city of Marseille, at the northern entrance to the city, between the port and the sea, the city and the hills. It occupies a double islet in the "Mirès grid", occupied for over a century by port and industrial activities. The virtue of this "generic" town planning is to effect its mutation while maintaining a strong and clear urban form.

Construction of a training / learning activity center for 2,400 learners per year (3 CFA, IRFEDD, resources and common spaces)
Mediterranean Sustainable Building label

AREA Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Euroméditerranée, Marseille

Design team
TERRENEUVE associate architects associés / De-So, representative architects
OTE, all trades engineering and économics; Co.Sy.Rest., catering engineering; IDF Akoustik, acoustics; Terre Eco, envirnmental engineering

Surfaces and construction cost
18 500m² SPC / 35 M€ HT

Competition 2015